So: E!'s running this story today about Justin Timberlake accepting Harvard's Man of the Year award—called the Hasty Pudding award, apparently—and it appears to be part of some joyously homoerotic Ivy League ritual of fun. It looks awesome.

Hasty Pudding Theatricals is, according to Wikipedia (natrually):

...a theatrical student society at Harvard University, known for its burlesque musicals and for its status as the oldest collegiate theatrical organization in the United States.

And every year they have a "Woman of the Year" and a "Man of the Year" award, in which they have a roast, a parade, and a show for the honorees. Timberlake and Anne Hathaway were honored this year. Jessica Biel showed up with Timberlake. And in the skit, apparently, someone played Britney Spears, Madonna, and Chris Kirkpatrick. We also learned he apparently digs drag:

"Funny enough, every time I've hosted SNL I've ended up in drag at least once," the good sport said of his getup during his toast. "I love stuff like this."

Well then! So, uh, there's that. Via Getty Images, enjoy the rapture of Harvard nonsense and what a very elite, expensive tuition bill actually gets you: one of the world's most famous pop stars, in drag. If anybody has video of the fun, we'd love to see it.