How badly does NBC just want to put this Whole Conan Thing behind them? Via Peter Kafka at All Things Digital, so badly, they're trying to eradicate all history of it ever having existed from The Internet. What history? Exactly.

But come on, Peter Kafka. NBC wouldn't be so stupid and brazen as to remove the archives of their first serious cause célèbre to come to the network in a while, would they?

If you said "yes" outloud just now, well, you're right. Per Peter:

A little odd, given that a couple of days ago, the network was offering every single "Tonight Show" episode O'Brien had taped on But then again, everything about this story has been odd. I've asked NBC for comment. NBC - at least, I'm assuming it's NBC - has also been aggressive about taking down Conan episodes from Google's YouTube (GOOG).

A look at NBC's site shows, well, nothing.

The NBC-partnered Hulu shows nothing, either!

Nothing here, either

That said, you can still watch other great NBC programming, like...Lipstick Jungle! Which was canceled last May.

Or Kings! Which, like Conan's show, was a fan-favorite NBC canceled because they were too incompetent to figure out how to make money off of it.

Or the NBC reboot of Knight Rider, which was just as stupid of an idea as it sounded!

You can even buy old Tonight Show gear!

But you know what you can't do? Watch Conan O'Brien's The Tonight Show. Probably because it reminds NBC of nothing but their tremendous failure to do anything correctly, ever. A pattern they manage to move forward with by erasing Conan from their memories. Thankfully, for you, dear customer: Conan Lives On, in our hearts, minds, and at Gawker.TV, where we're apparently servicing NBC's customer base better than that network will ever—ever—be able to be.