Never underestimate the buying power of a day on Craigslist. New furniture? It's there. Old furniture? It's there, too. Scalped tickets to the Bowery Ballroom at four times face value? Oh yes. But something else.

hiv test result. My girlfriend is hinting that we should get married. I don't want to. In fact I want to dump her but I want her to think it is her idea. I'm looking for some guy who is between 24 and 27 and is HIV positive to got to a doctor with my name and SSN and get tested. When the results come in, send me the printed results letter. I will then show this to my girlfriend and see how long it takes before she dumps me. LOL. I will pay for your time and the testing costs. Thanks

Now, has everybody done their reading? Good.


1. Is it real?
2. What kind of man needs a positive HIV test to dump a woman? You can't just, you know, do it like everybody else?
3. What if it backfires and she professes her love and devotion to her man, willing to stand by him no matter what? Then what do you get tested for?
4. Isn't this what they call tempting fate?
5. What the fuck kind of person is this?


1. Does it matter?
2. The kind of men who can afford for someone to do this, to start out with. Because they think they can more or less buy everything. Like a positive HIV test.
3. The fact that she doesn't know what kind of man she's with right now is as awful as the possibility of this person actually existing.
4. Yes.
5. Again, possibly the "real" kind.