Tonight, Brittany Murphy's mother and husband gave an exclusive interview to Larry King about the death of the actress. The whole thing was fishy, but one moment—in which the morning of her death was recounted—was particularly troubling.

Murphy's mother, Sharon and husband, Simon Monjack, sat together tonight to tell their side of the story about the day she died. Monjack claimed that Murphy was healthy—aside from a case of laryngitis—in the days leading up to her death, before stating that her condition deteriorated quickly on the morning of December 20, 2009, when she passed away.

That's when things got weird. The moment in question, below.

So, to recap:

  1. Monjack says that, on the morning of her death, Murphy was "fighting for air" and had eyes that were "darting off left, right and center," but
  2. claims that—even though "drug intake" was listed as a contributing cause of her death—she "had not taken any drugs that could harm her that morning," before
  3. he reveals that Murphy said, "Mom, I'm dying. I love you," an hour before they found her collapsed in the bathroom (according to her mother), but
  4. that they still let her run into said bathroom, thinking she was "pulling herself together, reading Vogue and putting on lipstick," and
  5. that Monjack was happy to let her go off by herself and thought she'd be fine, even though
  6. she had just said she was dying?


There's also the fact that—after her mother said Murphy had made the "Mom, I'm dying" statement an hour before they called paramedics—Monjack corrected her, saying "No, no, no, baby, this is... you've fogotten time," to which she responded, "Oh, sweetheart, it... oh, OK."

Murphy's death was found by the coroner to be "preventable." After this interview, it doesn't seem as hard to see why.