Tiger Woods scoop-meister Gerald Posner has admitted to copying five sentences from a Miami Herald article for a piece he wrote this week for the Daily Beast about a Miami murder. He apologized and said it was inadvertent.

The story acknowledges the act and says the sentences have been redacted. The Beast's executive editor Edward Felsenthal told Slate's Jack Shafer that Posner had committed plagarism but says the reporter will still work for Tina Brown's website. Posner, author of the book Miami Babylon: Crime Wealth and Power-A Dispatch From the Beach says that he didn't remember seeing the Herald article until after he had filed his own dispatch, but that he must have been wrong and copied it. "I am humbled by it, and it will not happen again," he said. Wow, everyone is handling this really professionally. When it comes to plagiarism we wish it were a little bit dishier.

[Image via AP]