Oh Ke$ha! The faux-drunken pop star with rotting Jack Daniels-teeth has released a new viral video in which she and her slinky friends change the famous Hollywood sign to say Ke$hawood. And people think it's real! It's clearly not.

Alas, Curbed. Sorry, Perez. Yes it is indeed fake, Vulture. Guys. The letters on the Hollywood sign are 45 feet tall. It is not remotely possible that a bitchy pop star in her underpants and an Indian headdress could — equipped only with a group of modelish fake friends and a few cans of spray paint — somehow hoist a giant tarp up and over the equivalent of a four story building in the middle of the night unmolested. She'd need a crane. When we asked a Gawker friend who lives right near the sign if he had seen it, his response was "Uh, no." Oh well. At least she's still sexxxy and flirty and fun. Or at least her people would really like us to think she is.