History-making news anchor Katie Couric—beautiful gin dancer, certified anchorbabe—recently did a fashion photoshoot for Harper's Bazaar and she looks faaaabulous. She's got legs for days and arms to rival Michelle Obama's. (Mud wrestling, ladies?) Observe some video stills.

This is coming at something of an awkward time, as Couric's monstrous salary has been called into question in light of the rest of CBS News' financial woes. But fuck it! She's fifty and nifty!

"This just in, the Gun Show is sold out."

Collars pop, Brokaw's underpants drop.

We all make silly faces sometimes.

Forget the Peabody, lady's got Golden Globes.

Like a flamingo!

Good-as-new never looked gooder.

"I'm thinking of a number between one... and sixty-nine."

"Have you seen my legs before? Oh you have? Well you're gonna see 'em again."

How a proper lady stands.

We wish it was a piano, but TVs will do.

Can handle a close-up.

"We saw a rise in the stocks today, and in Brokaw's pants."


"Yep, even the standing room only is sold the fuck out. I'm that good."