The CNN anchor tweeted a response to the National Enquirer story that said he and his boyfriend were adopting. Don't worry, he will still continue to be a daddy to countless others. His twitter stream is a wealth of information!

Here is the Haitian baby tweet:

Like we said yesterday, the story was obviously just an excuse to put "Anderson Cooper Is a Giant Homosexual" on the cover of their magazine so that all the people in all the grocery lines in all the land will know that he is gay. See, no one cares about the baby. They care that Cooper is sleeping in a glass closet like Snow White after she covered a hurricane in South Florida and got hit in the head by a wind-swept poisoned apple. Sorry, Anderson. These are the indignities that await until you come out. I can't wait for "Anderson Cooper and His Very Gay Boyfriend Ride a Unicorn over a Rainbow to Adopt Bat Boy" headline that is going to be on the Weekly World News.

Speaking of misleading headlines, this is the tweet that immediately precedes the one about the Haitian unicorn baby.

Trying to tell us something, Anderson?