Page Six spotted would-be Senator Harold Ford dining with Governor David Paterson at Butter last Tuesday. Which means it's time up update the ol' campaign trail map! Study it, Harold, because your New York geography needs work.

This dinner sounds kind of awkward. After all, Paterson appointed the too-conservative lady that the even-more-conservative Ford is running against! (Ford was nice enough to pay the tab, at least.)

But we should really just be happy for Ford that he managed to find his way to the restaurant at all, because the guy has no idea where anything is in New York. Ford was in Missouri last night for a (paid) lecture at Northwest Missouri State University. Here's what he said regarding the upcoming trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed:

Mr. Ford, who said he lives about a block from the courthouse, said the trial should take place in a military tribunal, away from New York City.

If you remember Ford's hilarious New York Times interview, you have probably already spotted the problem with that statement: Ford lives in the Flatiron District. Which is about two miles from the courthouse. Not "about a block." Many blocks!

This odd statement inspired a Kos diarist to examine Ford's grasp of New York places more carefully, and he basically discovered that the guy has no idea where anything is or how to get from place to place. Thank god Ford gets everywhere in MSNBC town cars and helicopters.

Here, again, is the Ford Guide to Fine Dining and Occasional Campaigning. (Zoom out for photo ops in the boroughs!) As always, if you spot Ford out at a restaurant, lounge, nightclub, or hotel bar, let us know.

Update: Hah! The St. Joseph News-Press changed their story to correct Ford's geography. It now reads "Mr. Ford, who said he lives a mile and a half from the courthouse...." According to "a Ford aide" who contacted New York (but who didn't bother with us!) Ford actually said he teaches "near the courthouse." Ford teaches at NYU's Wagner School of Public Service. Which is located in the Puck Building, in SoHo, almost one mile from the courthouse. We shall put in a call to clear this whole thing up!

Update 2: Davidson Goldin, Ford's spokesman, says the St. Joe's updated story is the correct account of what Ford said, and the paper will be running a correction. (It's a longshot, but if anyone actually attended this or knows where to find a transcript of his remarks, we're all ears.)