Animal New York says this photo of Lady Gaga from the Grammys definitely proves she does not have man parts. As Gawker's resident vagina expert, I know this is a real vagina. The problem is, it's not the real Gaga.

That's right, L.G. McStuffin Stuff used a stand in vagina! Gaga being Gaga, she would never actually deny that she was some kind of intersexed, dual-genitaled freak. Instead she just let everyone speculate and continue searching for it. Sick of her ruse, she decided to put it to rest once and for all by hiring this body double to perform the first part of her act at the Grammys in a revealing leotard (see photo). We know this because during the performance Gaga is put into this crazy contraption all clean like this and two seconds later emerges on a piano with Elton John all dirty and gross. There is no way she could have soiled herself that much in two seconds. That's because it was a fake Gaga that went into the glam sausage grinder and the real Gaga who emerged with Elton John to sit on her penis at a piano bench. Don't stop believing, people. One day, we will eventually see this pop culture Lock Ness Monster in the flesh.