Here is Chris "much dumber son of Mike" Wallace on the Don Imus show hoping that Sarah Palin sits in his lap this Sunday. You know what? People who want to be taken seriously should really stop doing Imus!

It is not good for anyone. Not because he's "racist" or whatever (though he basically is!), it's just because he's an unpleasant and unamusing old asshole who appeals to no one besides, for some reason, Washington assholes. And when these uptight and humorless and frankly kind of dumb Washington assholes go on his show and try to get into the jocular spirit of things, they just say dumb and embarrassing things. (Also people from Connecticut who wear cowboy hats should basically be sent away to live on a prison island of some kind.)

Also we all know Chris Wallace won't get half as much joy from Sarah Palin sitting on his lap as he did the time Dick Cheney put him in a "stress position" for 15 hours.