The White House Press Pool is getting crazy! This morning, Roll Call was the print outlet scheduled to cover Obama's movements today. But Roll Call was a no-show. And they paid for it.

This was the pool report filed this morning by Bloomberg News' Edwin Chen, who's also the president of the White House Correspondents Association which administers the rotating pool duty:

Pool Report #1
Feb. 4, 2010

Roll Call's no-show this morning (but who noticed?) forced this rusty, one-time pool-report writer back into action. Herewith, a first-draft of history on the president's 2d appearance as POTUS at the National Prayer Breakfast....


more TK — Keith K. — where art thou? (or a sub ?????)

Edwin Chen
Senior White House correspondent
Bloomberg News

By the standards of the White House press corps that is a VICIOUS BURN. The last time we can find a pool report from a Roll Call reporter is the dreaded Thanksgiving day shift. This month's schedule is below, clearly indicating Roll Call's guilt; somebody please check on their correspondent and make sure he's okay!
[Pic of smack-giver Edwin Chen with Robert Gibbs: Getty]