James O'Keefe? He may have something of a race problem. Specifically, a problem with hanging out with open racists. This is a photo of O'Keefe manning the (racist) literature table at a conference featuring white supremacists he attended in 2006.

The main organizer was, of course, Marcus Epstein. Epstein was employed, like O'Keefe, by the Leadership Institute, which funds and trains campus conservatives. Epstein went on to a glorious career as an employee of Tom Tancredo and Bay Buchanan, until it was revealed that he was arrested for karate chopping a black woman (after calling her "nigger") in 2007. (O'Keefe has a similar tale of being accused of dropping the n-word that he turned into a sob story about being a persecuted white male beset on all sides by terrible scary black people. Oh, that terrible culture of victimhood.)