In your slushy Wednesday media column: Keith Olbermann sniffs out media bias whether it exists or not, a way to save magazines in fantasyland, PARADE's editor leaves, and Air America totally owes media people money.

Keith Olbermann called a "right wing site" because it criticized his ratings, prompting a harsh retort from Jeff Bercovici. Look, everyone knows that Bercovici's a fascist, we are gay leftists, and Romenesko subscribes to a disturbing political perversion of Nietzsche's "Superman" theories. But we're all professionals, and our personal feelings on who should or should not be forcibly euthanized by the government does not effect our media analysis. Let's just move on.

There seems to be, hilariously, some debate over whether it would be a good idea for a magazine publisher like Time Inc. (which is not dying so quickly now, btw) to give away free iPads with two-year subscriptions. Why not free Rolls-Royces?

Newspaper insert mag PARADE, which could be accurately characterized as "Reader's Digest Digest," has apparently canned its top editor, Janice Kaplan. Although she was just as polite as can be in her farewell note.

When Air America folded, several notable media people were screwed out of some money, the NYT reports. AA owes Rachel Maddow $4k, and Ana Marie Cox $1,100. Having your bankrupt former employer fail to pay you is just the worst!