When someone thinks of New Jersey, upscale tiki restaurant shouldn't spring to mind. And when a narrow-minded witch of an owner abuses her staff and serves filet mignon on roof tiles, it's time for Gordon Ramsay to step in.

The restaurant that Ramsay is attempting to rescue from impending doom is called "Flamangos." A combination of Florida and mangos. Because the owners like Florida and mangos. If you were ever in the mood to go out to dinner, would you ever say "I'm in the mood for a filet mignon tsunami, let's go to Flamangos!" I enjoy California and kiwis, but I doubt I would ever name my restaurant Califiwis... or will I?

Speaking of that filet mignon tsunami, they serve a dish called the filet mignon tsunami. Carved tableside in an upsidedown roof tile and drenched in butter by a very cute but very sad, old man who co-owns the restaurant. His name is Dan, he is adorable, and he should be retired.

So the name is terrible, the food is terrible, the menu is way too big, and the restaurant is hemorrhaging money. The owners should be more than willing to change and take Gordon Ramsay's advice, right? WRONG! Adele, one of the owners who just also happens to be an insufferable bitch who everybody hates (except for her daughter, who is 42 and still living with her parents, natch), is unwilling to change. But one of the bumpers before they fo to commercial tells us that a single event will bring Gordon Ramsay and Adele together. An event painted to look like Flamangos is burning down! Oh no!

Don't worry! It turns out that that preview is a complete lie and a desperate attempt to keep you from changing the channel to watch Lost. What happened is they purposefully threw all of the Flamangos decor into a fire to symbolize the rebirth of a newer, less tikier restaurant.

After the fire, Gordon changes the name to The Junction, and switches the decor and menu to reflect an upscale diner as opposed to a what a Hawaiian village would throw-up. Everybody loves it except for Adele, who remains to be a stubborn, awful a person who listens to no one. And not only will she not accept change, but she's outspoken and mean to everyone while the changes are taking place. It's not every day that a 70-year-old woman acts like a tantrum-throwing child.

It really would be hard to work for this woman without getting in a physical altercation.

So the restaurant gets fixed, because they always do, and I'm sure the press they received from Gordon Ramsay didn't hurt either. But let this be a lesson to all of you entrepreneurs out there: don't create a fine dining tiki restaurant in bumfuck New Jersey with a 10 page menu that has old men drowning chewy filet mignon in butter while you scream at your staff.