Slight late pass, but here's an educational lesson for all you aspiring flacks: How do you connect your craptastic client to a huge star? Just lie about it! That's the 5WPR way.

Ronn [sic] Torossian-led 5WPR, America's shadiest PR firm, had to get some press for its new client, KYMARO body shapers. So they sent out an email blast last week to the media saying that they "got a tip from the Kymaro company" that Lady Gaga wears their products. Which some media outlets ran with! Then Fashionista checked it out, and of course, as you knew when you saw "5WPR" in this story, the whole thing was just a made-up lie: "A rep explained that [it] was only a rumor, reported to the firm sometime last week."

1. Get client to pay you money to get them press.
2. Send out fabricated note to press linking client to famous celebrity.
3. Blame client for the lie.
4. All press is good press!
5. Go home and weep silently, when you're alone.