Why would anybody pretend to be a journalist? If you're going to play make-believe, go all out: Pretend to be something cool, like an astronaut! On Hannity tonight, make-believe investigative journalist James O'Keefe continued to underwhelm us with his imagination.

In his first interview since being arrested in Louisiana last week, ACORN agoniste James O'Keefe was ostensibly on Hannity to defend his actions in what the papers are now adorably calling his Louisiana "caper." You know, the thing where he and his buddies tried to make Senator Mary Landrieu's staff look dumb in the name of 'investigative journalism' but got themselves arrested instead? Unfortunately, the upcoming legal case made it hard for him to talk about all the deets, so O'Keefe used the occasion mainly to explain why he is the most important investigative journalist of our time:

James O'keefe wanted us to know that dressing up as fake telephone repairmen has a long, proud journalistic history. For example, respectable news program Dateline's very respectable To Catch a Predator series does stuff like this all the time! Then there was that one time Seymour Hersch dressed up as a janitor and snuck into all those Iranian uranium enrichment facilities, pretending to furiously sweep the floors whenever a guard walked by. (Later became the basis of the short-lived NBC sit-com Seymour!)

But even though James O'Keefe is a real journalist, he admits he "could have used a different approach to this investigation." Note to the MSM: Serious journalists like O'Keefe don't do capers: They do investigations.

O'Keefe also has some harsh words for journalists covering his story: "A lot of these reporters just flat-out slandered me." Imagine if the person they had been dealing with wasn't a fellow serious journalist.

There were tantalizing hints that we could be seeing some sexxxy hidden camera videotape in the near future that will show this has all been a "huge misunderstanding," thus vindicating O'Keefe and his cronies of everything except being stupid enough commit an (alleged!) crime on camera.

And in answer to the question literally more than eight people must be wondering—"What's next for James O'Keefe?"—O'Keefe responded that he will continue to "expose truth, expose corruption until it's gone."