NYU took free courseware from PaidContent's founder; your outfit freaked out Caroline McCarthy; and Emily Brill called on Google to live out loud, like her. The Twitterati eyed their circumstances warily.

NYU assigns Rafat Ali's PaidContent to journalism students to shield them from the influence of free content hippies. And yet all Ali got out of the deal is this tweet. Write an essay on the irony of the situation, being sure to include a comprehensive breakdown of tuition at NYU. 10-15 pages, due in a week.

Sometime protocelebrity Emily Brill told secretive Google to fameball up or shut up. NDAs are for wimps.

Awl (and sometime Gawker) contributor Natasha Vargas Cooper had no trouble locating her computer's g-spot.

It's tough to serve Caroline McCarthy a triple-shot of "spooky;" she covers social media for CNET, after all. Congratulations, coffee shop guy.

Engadget's Nilay Patel found himself in a dysfunctional relationship with Netflix.

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