With the field of terrible cooks whittled down to two last night, the contestants have gotten a lot better. But that doesn't mean they're made of stone! And one cook gives herself the most disgusting nickname of all time.

The four remaining contestant's final challenge before tonight's finale was to reinvent the original (horrible) dishes they presented to the judges to get on the show in the first place. And the stakes were quadrupled because they had to cook for loved ones as well. This of course leads to one of the contestants breaking down and bawling like a baby.

And not only that, but one of the contestant's husbands cried as well while eating his wife's cooking! The emotional cup runneth over!

And finally, Jen Vecchio makes her case for why she's an awesome cook and whaddaya know, she can't do it without turning into a blubbering mess.

In news on this show that doesn't have to do with crying (but will probably make you cry), Rachel Coleman gives herself the most disgusting nickname of all time.


But I would be lying if I said I'm not anxiously awaiting tonight's finale where one of the cooks will win the title of "Worst Cook in America." The title of this show makes no sense. Will they win the title of "Least Worst Cook in America?" Anyway, Jeffrey Freakin' Steingarten will be one of the final judges who critiques the finalist's three course meals. I really hope he doesn't go easy on them, because if Jeffrey Steingarten unleashes his wrath on these poor contestants, this might be the cryingest finale of all time.

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