Andrew Young is a creepy dude, and you can understand why many Edwards campaigners were uncomfortable with his obsessive closeness to the boss. Also, christ, if his book doesn't sell we are totally going to see the sex tape.

To recap: Young found, in his house, a tape of John Edwards and a pregnant Rielle Hunter making more babies for Young to eventually claim paternity of. And Rielle's attorneys have confirmed this by filing a restraining order preventing him from distributing this tape. But Young says he has been offered a substantial sum of money to sell the tape. And he needs money!

Fred Baron was a Texas attorney who basically saved the Democratic party in that state. He was a big, rich Edwards backer. (Also his son is the guy who invented "Rocketboom," which was a popular soft-core pornography site in the early 2000s.) When Rielle Hunter got pregnant, Baron paid her a decent salary to shut up about it, and he paid Young to allow the lady to live with him and his family. Then, sadly, Baron died, in October of 2008. The money ran out, and Young began writing.

So, as Young says on the Good Morning America this morning, he was convinced that it was no big thing if Edwards was elected president despite his love child with the crazy lady, because unnamed "powerful people" convinced him that all the viable candidates had "skeletons in their closets." (George Stephanopoulos finds this to be an amazing revelation that he should totally dig deeper into, instead of just another of the series of lies that Edwards supporters were convinced of.)

If he can get this legal mess sorted out, we imagine Young will sell this tape to the highest bidder. (And who knows, maybe that will be Nick Denton!)

(What is it about Andrew Young's face that unnerves us so? He kind of looks like an animatronic Will Arnett. There is some uncanny valley shit with this guy.)