Jenny 'wife of Mark Sanford, the South Carolina Governor who pretended to be hiking while in fact sleeping with an Argentinian lady' Sanford has written a tell-all book about the affair.

It's called Staying True, which is something of a paradox when you consider that the contents, justifiably, completely sell her husband out. And that the two are getting divorced. The Daily News has got hold of the highlights:

  • Jenny was looking for some family documents in January of last year when she came across a file that revealed the details of her husband's affair with Argentinian Maria Belen Chapur. (Related: why would you ever keep a file detailing your affair?)
  • Sanford, weirdly, would pester his wife for permission to see his mistress, after she'd discovered that dossier, filled with messages between the two.
  • She, even more weirdly, agreed to let him see her, with a family friend as a chaperone, because he said he needed 'closure'
  • Then they agreed to a separation, and that he'd stay away from Chapur. Which is about the time, last June, when he pretended he was going hiking and instead went to see her.
  • Jenny decided to tell their four sons that their father was cheating before it came out on the news. One of their sons, Bolton, 12, upon being told of his father's penchant for vigorous activities, said it was "worse than Eliot Spitzer."

The book is out on the 5th, and Jenny Sanford is doubtless saving some juicy stuff for an interview with Barbara Walters on Friday too.