New pictures from the Facebook movie's set have none other than script-originating novelist Ben Mezrich uncertain how he feels. With clips from corresponding portions of the script, we decipher Mark Zuckerberg's sleepy-time befuddlement and Timberlake's alpha male "fuck you."

Mezrich tweeted—then deleted—a link to paparazzi pics from The Social Network's set. The scene shows a pajama-clad Mark Zuckerberg and slick-looking Napster founder and Facebook president Sean Parker going to a meeting with venture capital heavyweight Sequoia, where they will Damn The Man with four-letter words and inappropriately casual garments.

The boys to roll up to Sequoia Capital in an Escalade. Mark wears pajamas, Sean looks slick. Sean tells Mark that, when the VCs beg him to take their money, he must say, "Which one of you is Michael Moritz? Yuh-huh? Sean Parker says 'Fuck you.'" Then, he must stomp dramatically out. (Script clip here.)

In a voiceover, we learn that Sequoia partner Michael Moritz pushed Sean out of a company once, and that Sean swore to "make those guys kiss my ass and then cry like girls" before the age of 25. Revenge, masculine anxiety, youth worship: three plagues known to afflict hotshot geeks. Since Sean's in alpha-male mode and Mark's a frump, Mark agrees to the badass scheme. (Script clip here.)

This being Silicon Valley, audacious man-child savants are charming must-haves. In the next scene, Mark and Sean send word that their revenge stunt "impressed Moritz so much that he was making an investment offer that was hard to turn down." (Script clip here.)

[Photos from Bauer-Griffin]