Winner of the Massachusetts' Senate Deathrace™ Scott Brown pimped out his daughters on election night after he won. Now, he's using the press from his political win to try to get his daughter Ayla Brown back on American Idol.

It's now well-documented that Scott Brown's daughter Ayla was an eliminated contestant on American Idol, as she tried to use the show, like many aspiring singers, as a launching pad to the stahs. Ayla Brown's singing looks something like this:

Not bad! But, you know? "Aspiring." Simon Cowell apparently called her "robotic and empty." I mean, I didn't see the performance, but this isn't "robotic and empty," just kind of not great. Anyway, she got to Hollywood and received the Simon Cowell deathaxe. So, in an interview with Barbara Walters, given the opportunity, Brown seized the moment and made an appeal to Cowell to let her back on the show. Also, kissed his mean, assy, freak-show exploiting British anus.


1. If you were a Dad, you would do this too! And he was totally fed the question so people like me would pick up this clip.

2. Could he have laughed off the question and told Barbara Walters to spend time talking about more important issues? Sure.

3. Maybe we have to accept that some people do take wonderful experiences from American Idol, despite the numerous tragedies of the criminal stripe and otherwise that befall former American Idol contestants.

4. Between his daughter on American Idol and his wife appearing in music videos advocating eigtch-jays, he sure does have a talented family.

4. I don't really think he's using their young WASP-y beauty for political, populist gain intentionally, though that perception occurring to one wouldn't necessarily put one in the wrong.

Honestly, Scott Brown's political views don't exactly align with mine, he's probably a Red Sox fan, and he's a pretty "wacky" dad (when he's not being totally normal), but whose Dad isn't wacky? And he obviously loves his daughters very much, which is better than abusing them or exploiting their talent for political gain intentionally. You know? I guess, if anything, I'd put this in column of things that are kind of gross in general in the Joe Jackson School of Parenting, but for Scott Brown, he could do way worse. At the very least, he's no Joe Simpson, at least until the Arcade Fire write a song about him.