Last month, the Westboro Baptist Church—aka the "God Hates Fags" crazies—released a statement condemning Lady Gaga and her "whore's forehead." On January 5th, Ryan Tate posted audio of the church's Poker Face parody. Now, there's a music video.

Because this is the type of video that must be seen to be believed, we present it without any further ado.

The star of the video is Megan Phelps-Roper, daughter of Shirley (who was taken to task by Fox News anchor Julie Banderas in what's become a legendary piece of YouTube history) and granddaughter of WBC founder Fred Phelps. And after seeing the music video, if one thing is true, it's this: she ain't no Lady Gaga.

For a bit of extra hilarity, here's a sampling of the lyrics to No Poker Face:

You wanna strut like you're unique, but baby please
"Monster," "Lady GayGay," "Show your teeth," "This is all me." (God hates you)
Fake "love" substitution is your game; you're just a fraud
But any half-wit sees your hate for fans and for your God


You just got
You just got
Yeah, you just got your whorish face
(Show your filth to everybody)


You wanna lie to them; in Hell you all will be
"A little fire is all fun when you're with me" (God hates you)
Russian Roulette is what you're playing, silly clod
But every chamber's loaded when you're playing with your God

[Via ONTD]