This is Adam Dell, venture capitalist and Columbia Business school adjunct professor. He is also the younger brother of Michael Dell, of the computer Dells. And he made Padma Lakshmi pregnant!

Page Six reports that Adam Dell is the father of the baby that is due to come out of Padma next month, though Padma (who was also linked to rich person and IMG-owner Teddy Forstmann) has not confirmed this.

If you are considering taking Dell's Columbia class, his class materials are available on this awesome website. The class looks totally mind-blowing.

This class is quite different from others you might have taken. We do not use case studies; we do not read academic texts. Instead, we draw upon two books. The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, which explains how trends start, why broken windows cause more crime and why yawns are contagious. We also read Complexity by Mitchell Waldrop, a book which some believe explains everything.

So you read Gladwell and then discuss the success of companies like Ford and, yes, Dell, in terms of evolutionary biology. This baby will be a genius.

(Another picture of Dell, available at New York Social Diary, suggests that he might be tall.)