Alexia Tsotsis said the tits can unmake a nerd; Paul Boutin cherished his "ignorant slut" moment; and writers got shut out of Sundance. The Twitterati figured what a real geek was.

SF Weekly's Alexia Tsotsis laid down the linguistic law, and we wondered who the defendant was.

We could have used Hamish Robertson's wit yesterday. Now the Vanity Fair contributor's coinage is as handy as an iPad rumor.

Paul Boutin of VentureBeat discovered he likes it when you talk dirty, provided you're a coworker.

Former New York Times writer Jennifer 8. Lee couldn't get into Catfish at Sundance again, but at least she had Slashfilm's David Chen's tweet to remind her it was a film worth getting rebuffed over.

We have no idea where 1938 Media founder Loren Fledman is coming from with this. But then, we're a man.

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