Everyone in the world owes Andrew Breitbart an apology for jumping to conclusions about his employee James O'Keefe's alleged felony, he tells David Shuster today. Also, ACORN! ACORN!!!

Our favorite line is "you convicted him on Twitter!" Andrew is so concerned about the sanctity of our criminal justice system! Which is why he also brings up the "panty-bomber..."??

Looks like we owe Andrew Breitbart an apology, too! Breitbart is so, so, so mad that people keep accusing O'Keefe of wiretapping. But his idiot protege was apparently not intending to wiretap Senator Mary Landrieu's phones. They were just attempting to disconnect them. To prove an important political point!

(That important political point was that Senator Landrieu is so mean that she would not even notice if her phone was disconnected, because sometimes when crazy people call her office it goes directly to voicemail. Looks like someone did notice, though, James!)

But the other day, Andrew raised a very good point about weighing in before the facts are known. So, for the record, we are sorry we jumped to conclusions about precisely which felony O'Keefe was intending to commit when he failed at sneaking into a Senator's office under false pretenses.

(The fact that Breitbart was hammering the "wiretapping" line, but not disputing any other aspect of the official report, before this new information came to light? That is, if we may jump to more conclusions, suspicious!)

Andrew, though, was so upset that Shuster invited him on TV that he angrily went on TV, to argue.

Meanwhile, the various organizations that bragged about training this li'l Liddy in media hijinks have, predictably, distanced themselves from the kid.

O'Keefe has been released from jail with a $10,000 bond, but the judge has ordered him to live with his parents.