The Way We Live Now: Piling tragedy atop tragedy, in a towering tree of tragedy. It is not enough that the underclass exists; they must be made to suffer above and beyond their already harsh circumstances. Just like the overclass!

The dirt poor Lakota Sioux who live in a godforsaken patch of hell in South Dakota had the added bonus this winter of a cocksucking ice storm that blew through right from Hades and fucked everything up so bad we don't even have the heart to describe it all to you.

Most low wage workers are cheated out of some of their pay. Not most high wage workers. Not a few low wage workers. Most low wage workers.

Also New York City can't afford homeless centers or swimming pools, much less host big cool trials for 9/11 villains that Rudy Giuliani totally would have loved to have here when he was ruling the city from atop his office, high in a fighter jet.

Why do these bad things happen to poor people? Probably because of something you did. But more accurately, because of something they did: being poor. If they hadn't made that mistake in the first place, they never would have been in this situation. Think about that next time you want to be poor.

You can't expect supperrich Wall Street bankers to bail you out again and again, America. They have problems of their own.
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