Suzanne Murphy hates shoes and grime. She hates them so much that an invitation to a recent party said no shoes allowed. She is not ashamed because she she loves her "super comfy" carpets.

To correct what she thought were some factual inaccuracies in a post I did earlier about how I hate when people ask me to take their shoes off at their homes, Murphy, the head of strategic development at Claren Road Asset Management, sent us the invitation to a party she threw at her Fifth Ave apartment with her husband, Robert Albertson, the chief strategist for investment bank Sandler O'Neill & Partners. It clearly states "No Shoes Please."

You were right, Suzanne, you did warn people. We're sorry if we mislead people.

Just to make sure that everyone got the memo, everyone who RSVPed got a reminder email about the no shoe policy.

Looking forward to seeing you all next week! Wanted to clarify "no shoes" for those of you who haven't been here. We do have everyone take their shoes off in the house to do our best at preventing dirt and germs in the house. There are slippers for those who would like. but the carpets are super comfy.

We appreciate your understanding. See you next week.

So, yes, everyone was pre-warned. Twice! And before I forget—slippers! I bet they were super cute. What the email didn't mention was the containment suit that guests would be asked to wear and the full-body decontamination showers to be performed in the apartment's vestibule. Now, before Suzanne goes emailing us again, we made that part up. Just a joke, Suzanne!

Ms. Murphy is very nice to her guests and her house is really beautiful and white as the the bleached bones of a science department skeleton. Yes, Suzanne is a great hostess. We're looking forward to our invitation to your next party.

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