Paparazzi have mistaken this lady for Donatella at least four times. Rumor has it she's an "Italian countess who has had a home on St. Bart's for over ten years." An investigation into Fake Donatella, and telling the two apart.

Who is this magnificent broad? Her incessant nudity seems to be driving Lady Versace's PR team insane. Though Fake Donatella confirms my every assumption about the fabulous life of an Italian countess (worshipper of sun and diamonds, gold aviators, younger boyfriend) we are without confirmation or a name.

Now here's how to tell Fake Donatella and Real Donatella apart.

FACE: Though their surgeons' techniques appear to be similar, Real Donatella has a more aquiline nose, and her restylips have a Cheshire-like upward curve at the corners. (It is more pronounced when she smiles.) Note also that Real Donatella appears to favor fillers and plumping for the maintenance of youth, whereas Fake Donatella achieves a tauter complexion.

SKIN: Though Real Donatella has probably embalmed herself to Fake Donatella's level of tan at one point or another, she has not lately. Fake Donatella is a deep mahogany. Real Donatella is but the delicate hue a peanut's shell.

BODY: Real Donatella has a slightly healthier-looking physique, mostly because Fake Donatella is bonier than a butterfish. Real Donatella rarely displays her body below the breast bone or above the knee, but shoulders and chest should generally be enough for a process of elimination.

COMPANY: Don't let that solitary stroll fool you: Fake Donatella is rarely alone. Her apparent beau—a burly, shaggy-haired man at least two decades her junior—is usually within arms' reach. Real Donatella, on the other hand, gravitates to starlets who cling to her literal skirts.

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[Pics from x17, Bauer-Griffin, and Getty]