In this special iPad edition of Twitterati, the media elites obsessed grumpily over Steve Jobs' jeans, Steve Jobs' chair, Steve Jobs' pricing strategy and the technical ignorance of Steve Jobs' staff. The Twitterati knew that every tablet must get stoned.

Note: We've skipped all the iPad menstrual jokes, which Jezebel has soaked up nicely in this post. Also, former staffer Brad King has posted an essay about coastal elitism, expanding on his tweet in yesterday's Twitterarti stating, "I find [Condé Nast] offensive and fucking worthless." home page editor Ann Rafalko wished Apple CEO Steve Jobs could be as hipster-pleasing as his products. Editor James Sims raced to be the first person annoyed by obnoxious iPad users, even though they don't exist yet.

Caroline McCarthy suggests you wait for the inevitable price drop on this thing. After all, it's already negative-60-days-old. Long. In. The. Tooth. And we know that Apple users don't let their emotions overwhelm common economic sense.'''

Wall Street Journal luxury retail reporter Rachel Dodes Wortman appreciated the finer things in the demo, like Jobs' iconic modern chair. We just like imagining the temper tantrum Jobs threw when presented with a throne from CB2 or, god forbid, Ikea.

Daring Fireball's John Gruber was secretly thrilled to stump Apple's technical staff, and then to be able to passive-aggressively brag about it.

Nick Denton blamed internet rumormongers for spoiling the euphoria of the device he's been waiting his entire life to buy. If only the Gawker Media chief could do something about these online gossips, or better yet their enablers.

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