Well sometimes anyway. That news, and previews of Obama's speech later today dominate the front pages. Our friend John Edwards also gets a look in, as do those pesky Republican kids who got arrested yesterday.

The generalized anger at Obama is also spilling out at Tim Geithner, according to a couple of stories today. The Daily News got a look at John Edwards' aide Andrew Young's book, and lead with the revelations, and the Washington Post have another excellent exclusive on the US role in fighting militants in Yemen.

Other stuff:

  • The New York Times examine the potential sale of St. Vincent's hospital.
  • The LA Times have a look at another way in which Botox can kill.
  • And the Wall Street Journalcall the economic recovery a 'bullwhip' — as in we're about to get hit again.

Disclosure: I freelance write and report for newspapers that are included in this roundup. Where there is a direct conflict of interest I will make it clear.

The New York Times: reports that Obama will set up his own panel on national debt. They report on Toyota's stuck accelerator pedals, continue their investigations into radiation and have a piece on the potential sale of St. Vincent's hospital. There's also a story from Haiti, and a look at the legal battles over climate change.

The Washington Post: has a fantastic exclusive on the role the US is playing in attacking militants in Yemen. They also go with the Toyota story, the news that those ACORN entrapping-Republicans have been arrested, a look at anger towards Tim Geithner and their old staple — safety on the DC metro.

The LA Times: leads with the Toyota story, previews Obama's State of the Union address and has a piece on Afghanistan. They also cover another way in which Botox can kill, and have a feature on the profit-making element of an anti-Obama website.

The Wall Street Journal: leads with a preview of Obama's speech, covers the Toyota news and describes the recovery as a bullwhip — that's about to hit us in the face. The feature is on a Kansas town's attempt to become a tourist destination.

The New York Post: go with new video footage of the alleged killer of realtor Linda Stein.

The Daily News: lead with their look at the new John Edwards book.