Long before they were stars, Angelina Jolie and brother James Haven were hula-dancing tykes on a Hawaiian vacation with mom Marcheline Bertrand. A video tribute to Marcheline—with Angie and James' byline—depicts six-year-old Angelina dancing on the beach.

Uploaded to a family memorial website, clips from a 1981 vacation in Hawaii ends with a message: "We miss you Mom with Love Angelina and James January 27, 2010." The date refers to the third anniversary of Marcheline's death from ovarian cancer. Wearing leis and matching outfits, Marcheline chats with her children and leads them through hula on the shore. We also see of Marchelina carrying a sleepy Angelina in their hotel room.

We can't vouch for Angelina and James actually making the video (on iMovie maybe?) but it sure is cute. Also: Is that an on-the-mouth kiss we see at 1:10? Because if they're a kissy family, that would make Angelina and James' Academy Award makeout session—no, not a bit more normal at all.

Other gems from the tribute site: Marcheline's 1980 clip reel and a note from Angelina's godmother about being young actresses partying at the Playboy mansion.