Even though the throngs of hopefuls were already there, tonight's American Idol still featured many "I'm going to Hollywood!" exclamations. And if the episode had a theme, it was this: LA brings the crazies. Oh, and Crying Girl? She's baaaack!

While tonight's entire episode was like a comedic stage interpretation of Girl, Interrupted, there were—as always—a couple choice moments that stuck out. Here they are, in no particular order.

Neil Goldstein: You know who's AWESOME? Neil Goldstein! Just ask him yourself—he'd be more than happy to use his brain (it sports an IQ of 168) to let you know exactly how great he is. But, can he sing? Is his vocal range as great as that of the length of his hair at any given moment? (You'll see.) Let's find out.

Andrew Garcia: If you're upset about the fact that you were just subjected to the complete and utter annoyance that is Neil Goldstein, here's something good to balance it out: Andrew Garcia. Besides the requisite sob story that comes with auditions like these—Compton! Gangs! Single father!—Garcia's segment, and rendition of Maroon 5's Sunday Morning, was the highlight of the episode.

Crying Girl (and Friends): If Garcia's performance moved you to tears, you weren't the only one. Here's a montage of some of the evening's overly emotional try-hards, including a very familiar face.

Kitty Purry: Katy Perry was one of tonight's guest judges. And while she was better than Avril "Don't ask me to take the hood of my shirt down" Lavigne, Perry paled in comparison to some of the great guest judges of yore. That said, Perry did provide one great moment.

Don't forget to catch tomorrow's episode of Idol—in which the audition tour travels to Dallas—at 8:00 PM ET on FOX. Will the Lone Star State give us more than we got from La La Land? Only time will tell.