ACORN eagerly celebrated the bust of its most effective critic; Brad King wished for Condé Nast's comeuppance; and Gabe Rivera prayed that TechCrunch would fix a near-criminal advertisement. The Twitterati were out for blood.

After a month-and-a-half-long silence, ACORN's Twitter feed exploded today with more than than 25 tweets in less than two hours, all gloating over the fact that the guy who busted the nonprofit has, himself, been busted for worse things.

A Vanity Fair story mocking Appalachia reminded former writer Brad King how much he hates Condé Nast.

It's not that TechMeme's Gabe Rivera is upset about those annoying TechCrunch ads, so much as concerned.

Diablo Cody is really glad someone — her hero John Travolta — had the courage to fly Scientology ministers to Haiti to sign the sad people there up for his cash-gobbling cult of violence and world domination.

24's Director of Photography, meanwhile, is really excited that Apple might have the courage to supply tablet computers to the show, and to thus assist it in purposely ginning up pro-torture sentiment at home and to continue retarding the effectiveness of U.S. troops and federal security officers abroad. Go Apple.