Elderly dog-worshiping soothsayer and NY Post columnist Cindy Adams is relevant once again! Really though. Not only is she a hero to young journalists everywhere, she's a hero to us today, for mocking the Hollywood-industrial entitlement complex with admirable passion!

The Brangelina divorce rumors sent Cindy off on a rant against Hollywood entitlement that is, we daresay, a thing of beauty. Particularly considering the source. A small taste:

FOR movieland couples, nothing is ever enough. More photo ops, more nan nies, more security, more p.r. people, more homes. To try to seal in their temporary potency while youth slips away, there is the continued need to have more, own more, feel more than anyone else. The only thing they can't acquire more of than anyone else is years. For that, there's drugs. Cocaine lulls them into feeling younger, sexier, less fearful, less worried about the next teenage pretty face crawling up the line.

Cindy concludes on the topic of the veracity of the Brangelina rumors: "If not today, wait a few minutes." Well said! Cindy Adams is happy to toddle along for years banging out columns that betray very little understanding of the English language itself, to say nothing of larger sociopolitical controversies. Then one day, BAM, she cold skewers some deserving characters with a deft hand. Tomorrow, right back to writing about her dogs. Never change, Cindy.
[NYP. Pic: Getty]