Mediate has made a shocking discovery: Obama smooched Diane Sawyer during an ABC News Interview tonight! It was like a current events-themed Harlequin novel over there. What's more, Obama has a history of stealing kisses from powerful ladies.

First, take a look at Sweet Lips Obama as he makes the kiss-y face at Diane Sawyer before their interview on ABC World News because he LOOOOOVES HER SOOOO MUCH:

Here is our impression of Diane Sawyer: "Hello Mr. Pres—" *SMOOCHY* *SMOOCHY*. "Well, heavens me!" *BLUSH* "Of course I will ask you softball questions. Whatever you want, just keep me tapped into that sweet lip action... oh, Lordy, I haven't felt a man's touch since 20/20." *FAINT*

Mediaite hints that the smooch worked: Obama and Diane Sawyer sitting in a tree, conducting an unremarkable interview that will air between car insurance ads to overmedicated seniors—I-N-G.

But were you aware that our president has frequently deployed his lips to win over potential adversaries and reward friends alike? (Lady friends only, please.) Here is Obama snogging with Hilary Clinton at his health care address to congress last year:


And then Fox & Friends had some fun over the time Hil apparently snubbed Bill Clinton's leathery smackers in favor of Obama's velveteen speechmakers:

Grass is always greener... we feel you, Hil.

And, of course, there was the time Obama "accidentally" sucked face with Dr. Jill Biden:

"Hey, Jill, I know this great podium where we can stand and watch the sun set."

But even Obama was stymied by French first lady Carla Bruni, who apparently backed away from the dual heat-seeking missiles that are Obama's all-curing lips:

The Gaul! (NY Post: You've got my number. -ED)

As our national love affair with Obama continues to sours, seems he's about one bad Gallup poll from resorting to "7 Minutes In Heaven" with every single American.

[Lukas Ketner drew the picture for Willamette Week.]