What is future senator Harold Ford up to, today? The New York Times let him write a little op-ed column He gave a radio interview. He proposes tax cuts for major corporations and also thinks Jews talk funny.

It was nice of Mr. Sulzberger to let his friend Harold write a newspaper column, right? It is just too bad that his friend Harold is basically an idiot. (Ford's Rattner/Sulzberger connections are the only reason we even have to humor his ridiculous political aspirations. They are also the only compelling reason to fear him! Mr. Bloomberg just showed that you can buy an election without popular support, as long as you have the right allies and an opponent who excites no one.)

But, yes, Ford proposes cutting taxes for rich people and shrinking the deficit. That is literally the platform of the Republican party. It is also the platform of a person who doesn't understand "math." But "math" and "policies" and "issues" are boring! Let's go to the "failed attempts at pandering to New Yorkers!"

Last week, Harold announced that he was running for senate because he loves the way New York smells. This week, though, he doesn't like the way New York sounds.

The two bantered about the difference between New York and Tennessee, with Dicker poking fun at Ford for pronouncing "smear" (as in: "I've been the victim of a smear campaign on my position on choice") as "schmear", prompting this exchange:

Dicker: "I think schmear is something you put on a bagel."

Ford: "I'm a little country. I apologize...It's "smear", s-m-e-a-r. Y'all talk funny."

"Y'all" talk funny! Like, specifically, "y'all" use terms derived from Yiddish. Because of all the descendants of Jewish immigrants.

Oh, we got another reported Harold Ford Restaurant sighting, by the way. A tipster saw him at celeb-fave Italian restaurant Il Cantinori last week.

Sat next to Harold Ford and party (loud, obnoxious male dinner companions and the blondes who love them) at Il Cantinori. [...]Have never seen that level of reaction there before - cameras, handshakes, autographs. Harold was eating it up - but frustrated that my dinner companion and I, sitting right next to him, had no interest in speaking with him.

Remember: if you see Harold Ford at a restaurant, bar, club, discotheque, or lounge, send it in and we'll add it to the map.

(Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)