Barack Obama is a BIG FAN of the blogs! "Offbeat" blogs, even! OMG. So exciting. Shadowy White House spinmasters have finally leaked to the Washington Post the big Obama Fave Offbeat Blog List!

  • "Obama was particularly interested in Atlantic Online's Andrew Sullivan's tweeting of the Iranian elections last year"
  • "I don't think time permits him to be surfing all the time," Axelrod said, adding that the president reads "magazines like crazy," including the New Yorker, the Economist, Sports Illustrated and Rolling Stone. "There are some commentators whose views he's interested in, and he'll read blog items."
  • Also cable news and ESPN.

So, Andrew Sullivan is the totality of Barack Obama's "offbeat" blog list that the White House reveals. Of course it would not go over so well with the "Red States" for Barack to come right out and say he reads this site, what with our relentless and unsettling focus on sexual deviancy, but you may well note that the Washington Post included no denials of reading us either, so, don't get the wool pulled over your eyes about how these things work "inside the Beltway."

In any case, the fact that Obama reads Andrew Sullivan means that he also reads Alex Pareene. Alex Pareene: Basically a presidential adviser.