It would be completely inappropriate for some loser blogger to call Beau Biden, who just finished a year-long deployment to Iraq, a coward. But the Vice President's kid is a big coward.

Biden, the Delaware Attorney General, was basically guaranteed his dad's Senate seat the day Smilin' Joe Biden announced his candidacy for president, which was actually Joe's sneaky way of announcing his candidacy for Vice President. Once Joe took his new office, everyone expected Beau Biden to be appointed to take his place. But Beau had just been deployed to Iraq! Which seemed like absolute catnip to potential future voters, at the time.

So a seat-warming secret atheist was selected. Beau was going to run and win handily in 2010. But now it is 2010, and apparently it is not such a great year for Democrats! And apparently Beau was trailing Mike Castle in some polls! So Beau will not run for Senate in 2010. But he will run for reelection as Attorney General. Of course.

It is not like we wanted another Senator Biden! We were fine with only having to care about one Biden at a time. It just that if Democrats want to avoid handing Republicans actual congressional majorities in November, there are only two things they can do: run strong candidates and pass popular legislation. Or they can just become panicky idiots! That should work, too!