HEY. Hey now. When the New York Post got themselves an advice columnist, what'd we do? We tried to help. Know what Page Six does when we get Star-reporter-turned-starfucker Kate Major as our journalism ethicist? Writes a mean, smelly diss!

Remember Kate Major? She used to "do it" with Jon Gosselin and then resigned from Star because she was sleeping with the story and now she's letting Michael Lohan crash at her place or something. Does it matter? The point is that she's major—Kate Major—and one of those mean Page Six writers (who count among their ranks former Gawker intern turned BENEDICT ARNOLD Neel Shah) notes—after calling her Kate "Went Out With A Bang" Major, and Michael Lohan's emotional baggage handler, heh—that she was WRONG on a technicality:

Despite bragging to Gawker of her prowess in the celebrity-journalism field, it's clear she can't read a newspaper. Major said: "My favorite writer is Cindy Adams from Page Six — her column is always interesting, and her column is a must read!" Page Six very much admires the fabulous Madame Adams, but Cindy, of course, has her own longstanding column in The Post.

Also, to get the point home, they titled the item MAJOR AIRHEAD. It bears repeating: heh. That said, I'm impressed Kate Major even knows what a Cindy Adams is, and I'm even more impressed that Cindy Adams is still alive.

But maybe this is revenge for calling Neel the most well dressed Hunky McMedia in all of New York! Sorry, Neel: Being mean to us doesn't make you any more of a Hunky McMedia than you already are. Okay, maybe it does. Thank you sir, we'll take another. Also, more columnists, amirite?