Last night, Jeopardy! welcomed Pat Sajak, Elizabeth Perkins and Doug Savant to play in its Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational. Sajak shrewdly dominated the game, and with good reason: when he decided to be momentarily altruistic, the competition failed miserably.

As you'll see below—at one point—Alex Trebek fed the contestants an easier-than-pie "answer" (remember, on Jeopardy!, every day is opposite day). Sajak, already with a commanding lead, decides to sit it out and allow either Perkins or Savant to chime in.

Well, that didn't go as planned...

For the record, Sajak came out on top with a grand total of $55,300 for his charity, the Vietnam Veterans of America. He'll return in May to compete in the semifinal round of the tournament—Wolf Blitzer will not.