In your cool-person Thursday media column: Neel Shah's style secrets exposed, a job appears in the media(!), the NYT's web delay explained, and Donald Graham doesn't give a fuck about your hit pieces.

Do you wish that you knew how to dress like Gawker's most successful former intern, Neel Shah? Now, Guest of a Guest has written a story about Neel Shah's style. Read it and you will know the secrets of dressing like Neel Shah.
[Former intern Mary Pilon is also successful, okay.]

A job has been located, in the media! The Economist is looking for a Science correspondent—"an insatiable curiosity are more important attributes than prior journalistic experience." That means you are all qualified. Apply before your so-called "friend" does!

Why is the NYT taking a full year before it starts charging for its website? Because they have to build the technology part, which is complicated and whatnot! Also they really don't wanna fuck this up, cause if they do, woo buddy.

Oooo, Washington Post chairman Donald Graham has called Gabriel Sherman's recent TNR story about the paper "particularly lazy." Now the two will settle this the "new media" way, by punching each other and then uploading Twitpics of it, to see who can make the most humorous fight.gif.