Neither right-wing American pundit Jonah Goldberg nor French-wire-service-reporter Olivier Knox wanted to gaze upon the U.S.'s engorged senators; Jason Pontin saw the sky falling again; and Bow Wow wants his own movie. The Twitterati couldn't bring themselves to face reality.

And this was before he saw them in bikinis. Now Jonah Golberg must really love him some Brown kids. (Via Wonkette.)

Frenchie wire service reporter Olivier Knox issued a "Look at the fat American senators" ZINGer for the folks back home. Either that or he wants to be the Daily Show's Gallic John Oliver (we'd watch).

What singer Bow Wow really wants to do is act. And get some of those Robert Pattinson level groupies.

MIT Tech Review's Jason Pontin predicted that the implosion of free content will be the worst disaster since that time went bankrupt.

If tech flack Brooke Hammerling's Blackberry is any indication, Silicon Valley was freaking out today.

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