It's a sad world, but there are things to make us happy, like births and newly-single male models! Look for birthing, dying, and marrying info about Ellen DeGeneres, Erich Segal, Pernell Roberts, Octomom, and a host of others.

Births (and birthdays):

  • James McAvoy, who sizzled our britches off in The Last Station, is expecting his first child. Well, his wife (and Station costar), Anne-Marie Duff, is.
  • Celebrating a birthday today are: revolutionary and afro-sporter Angela Davis, daytime dancer and the least gay thing on Idol Ellen DeGeneres, your older sister's favorite guitarist Eddie Van Halen, the other half of Wham! Andrew Ridgeley, and the Octomom's brood of eight babies.

Deaths (and other sad things):

  • Love Story author Erich Segal die of a heart attack at his home in London on January 19. The former Yale classics professor who never said he was sorry lived with Parkinson's disease for 25 years. He was 72.
  • Jennifer Lyon, a contestant who came in fourth on Survivor: Palau, lost her battle with breast cancer January 20. She was 37.
  • James Mitchell, who played the role of Scroogey millionaire Palmer Cortlandt for 29 years on All My Children died of "chronic obstructive pulmonary disease complicated by pneumonia" on Friday, January 22. He is survived by his partner, Albert Wolsky. (What? Palmer Cortlandt was gay?!) He was 89.
  • Pernell Roberts, the last surviving cast member of Bonanza and the titular Trapper John, MD, died yesterday after a battle with cancer. He was 81.

Marriages (and other disasters):