Today at Gawker.TV, How I Met Your Mother may have poked fun at Julie Chen, another day at Fox and Friends, Stephen Colbert mocks NBC, the antics of a recently-arrested Teen Mom mother, and Brendan Fraser addresses his questionable clap.

Colbert Mocks NBC and Jeff Zucker Before an Olympic Speed Skating Showdown
Colbert, obviously a member of Team CoCo proper, joins the party of NBC bashers before getting up close and personal with speed skating record holder Tucker Fredricks. The unimpressed athlete challenges Stephen to race his mother.

Did How I Met Your Mother Take a Jab at Julie Chen?
This week's episode marked the directorial debut of cast member Neil Patrick Harris and was the 101st episode of the show. It also may have had some fun at the expense of CBS's very own Julie Chen. Uh-oh!

Teen Mom: Breaking Up is Hard to Do
On the same day Farrah's mother was arrested for choking her, Teen Mom happened to air a brand new episode. Is it possible to look at their relationship objectively anymore? Absolutely, because it's been crumbling for weeks now.

Brendan Fraser Explains His Weird Golden Globes Hand Clap
At Sunday's Golden Globes Awards, the cameras caught Brendan Fraser having an awkward moment. On last night's Lopez Tonight, he attempted to explain what happened. Now if only he could explain how he keeps getting work.

It's Hard to Believe the Unprofessional Mess That Is Fox and Friends
Someone must be playing a joke on the Fox and Friends anchors: dead air time, cuts to videos that don't exist, and a text overlay saying "The People's Seat Senate Shocker" at the same time Gretchen mentions a "major blow."