Tom was just like you: an ordinary schmoe from Jersey, with a kid and a job in banking and a pronounced inability to attract celebrities into his general vicinity. Until one day when he met Barack Obama, became magnetized, and proceeded to attract celebrities, in much the same way a magnet attracts metal. Moments ago, Tom sent out this lengthy press release, informing the world of his strange and wondrous saga of celebrity attraction. We want you to read it all. It is just that important.

N.J. Banker becoming a star after meeting President Obama
Meeting President Obama has brought good fortune to a N.J. father and daughter.

(Press Release) – Januuary 20th, 2010 – A N.J. banker by day and a celebrity magnet by night, Tom Murro is rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous after just one lucky meeting with President Barack Obama on Martha's Vineyard one summer day last year.

Call it luck or just being at the right place at the right time. Murro has curiously received more than his share of 15 minutes of fame. In the span of four months since his random meeting of the president, Murro, has a list of roughly 40 celebrities he has met, crediting it to his meeting with Obama.

"It's really opened doors," said Murro. "I mean, I'm just a regular Bergen County guy and then all of a sudden I'm meeting all these stars and my daughter got to go behind the scenes on Sesame Street to meet the puppeteers, which is unheard of."

He was recently spotted earlier last month on the red carpet at the Gotham International Film Awards in New York City interviewing some of the A-list celebs, all thanks to that one photo he took with the president.

"I don't really know how it all happened," explained Murro. "It's so weird, but when I asked if I could attend they said, 'sure' and actually gave me a spot on the red carpet after seeing my photo with Obama."

He was even luckier when they allowed him free access to the celebrities in front of the velvet rope, while the other reporters were behind and away from them.

Starting to build a reputation, Murro interviewed a slew of stars as "the celebrity magnet" reporter, which has inspired him to create his own Web site -

"The really cool thing was, I lucked out again – I've had like four months of this crazy luck," said Murro. "I was in front of the rope but all the other seasoned reporters were behind the rope. I had full access to every celebrity that went out. It was an amazing experience and I had tons of fun doing it."
Looks Tom has started an unlikely career as a celebrity correspondent for his newly formed website

Some of his memorable moments were with Natalie Portman, who he described as "beautiful" and "every man's dream," as well as hilarious comedian Chris Rock and personable Rosie Perez.

Murro's mini-celebrity status started at Farm Neck Golf Club on the Vineyard, where Obama was vacationing last August.

Murro, who used to live year round on the island, was also on vacation but this time around it changed his life.

He and his daughter Lauren, 11, bumped into Spike Lee – who was sitting on a bench waiting for Obama – and started a conversation with the film director.

The Secret Service eventually came over to clear the area as the president approached the hole. Lee invited Murro and his daughter to his place nearby, where he was going to watch the president finish his game. Murro described the next series of events as an "intense and amazing moment."

"Instead of passing us, the president pulled up [on his golf cart] and approached us," exclaimed Murro. "I had to control my organs and try not to pass out! The president greeted us and stayed around for a while to talk and take photos.

Grateful for giving him the opportunity to meet the president, Murro is sending Lee a signed copy of the photo of Jackie Robinson stealing home and winning the 1955 World Series by Yogi Berra himself, as we know Jackie was called safe that day but Yogi has had a difference of opinion. Lee is a die-hard New York Yankees fan. After speaking to Berra's son about his whole story with the president and Lee, Berra signed a copy of the photo for Lee and one for the president too! – Yogi shared his feelings of that day, both of which said the same thing, "He was out.!!
Maybe someone from the Whitehouse can help Tom and his daughter get this delivered!

Though Murro has met some of the high-profile stars he has always dreamed of and some where more notable than others, like when Daniel Craig offered Tom his Rolex after his recent Broadway play. – "only because I'm a guy and I love James Bond," ''What a thrill! explained Murro – but he still can't shake that moment of meeting with Obama.

"The president was so charismatic and really personable," remembered Murro. "He treated us as equals and that made me feel really comfortable. He was really cool."

Though the Banking business has been slow due to the economy, Murro said he's glad he has some off time to spend with his family plus mix and mingle with the A-listers, but is still baffled about his amazing string of luck.

"I don't know if it will run out soon," said Murro about his long-running luck. "But each week, something new happens."