In your progressive Wednesday media column: the typically effeminate French (whose asses we saved in WWII) think ladies can be in charge of things, the WaPo has never been to DC, Greg Mitchell's lament, and Vice meets CNN.

More craziness from the French: they have named a woman as top editor of Le Monde, France's version of the New York Times. Can you imagine such a thing! The New York Times would never make such a mistake.

The WaPo asks its readers: "Would you be comfortable if medical marijuana is sold near your house? What if D.C.'s medical marijuana stash is grown near you?" Counterpoint: Every god damn block in DC has a weed spot already. (Or two or three!)

Former E&P editor Greg Mitchell explains why E&P got resurrected, but he got left behind: Because the new owner wants it to write about all sorts of esoteric techie publishing shit, rather than journalism shit. Trade magazines do generally become more stable businesses the more boring they get.

CNN is now in a content sharing partnership with, which is owned by Vice. Everybody together now: "Vice and CNN together, what is next, Anderson Cooper taking drugs on the air, what is next, squares and beatniks together, what is next, etc??"