This week's episode marked the directorial debut of cast member Neil Patrick Harris and was the 101st episode of the show. It also may have had some fun at the expense of CBS's very own Julie Chen. Uh-oh!

The episode revolves around Robin's new found "popularity" from her job as a news anchor for New York City's fictional 4am Morning Show, Get Up, New York! When Ted finally gives in and asks his students why they all recognize Robin so well, they admit that because she's on so early in the morning— they're still out drinking. Then they drop the bomb: Robin uses the words "But, um..." so often that these law students turned it into a drinking game. Barney and Ted decide to tune in themselves to find out.

The folks over at Cinema Blend noticed that this storyline rang a little too true to CBS's own heart. Big Brother host and sometimes-anchor Julie Chen happens to have a problem of the same nature: "But first!"