Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis—oil scion and brother of starfucker Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis—got in a red carpet screaming match with his granny. He also retained Gloria Allred over a family drug intervention. Will 2010 be the Year of Gummi?

Recently hospitalized for an icky foot infection, Gummi Bear reportedly "got into a very public screaming match" with granny Barbara Davis (wife of late billionaire Marvin Davis, owner of 20th Century Fox, the Beverly Hills Hotel, and the Denver Broncos) on the red carpet for HBO's Golden Globes afterparty. Page Six reports:

Barbara scolded him, "You shouldn't be here. Go home!"

Grandma tried to block the media from photographing Jason until one lensman quipped, "Come on, Barbara, take a picture with your grandson.

2010 is so far without its trainwreck poster child. Gummi, it could be you! Here's why:

  • 1. His love of cameras and digital video interviews reminds me of Tila Tequila back when she was still fun and wasn't a threat to the lives of everyone around her. Here he is explaining his lawsuit against his family, whom he accuses of assaulting himself and his girlfriend with deadly weapons during an intervention:
  • 2. He's working on a tell-all:
  • Jason is now planning to write a tell-all about growing up in the dysfunctional Davis dynasty with childhood friends like Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Casey Johnson, DJ AM, the Olsen twins, and Sean Stewart.

  • "It's going to be a very juicy book," Jason told us. "I love my family. I wish they loved me the way I love them. If they want to play with fire, they are going to get burned."

  • 3. Gloria Allred-endorsed family lawsuit = Epic dynastic in-fighting on the horizon.
  • 4. Gummi and Greasy are like Paris and Nicole, but sloppier and meaner. Remember Brandon's breakthrough rant about Lindsay Lohan's "firecrotch"?
  • 5. It's about time men break the glass ceiling of Hollywood messes. Did you know heirs earn only 50 cents on the fameball dollar compared to their female counterparts? [Disclaimer: I made that up.] Send some of those drugstore perfume endorsements Gummi's way, ladies.